Top Four Fit Finds of the Week!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!! This week I hit up a few boutiques and walked out of a local downtown store with four amazing outfits in mind. I will share each of them in a bit but let’s talk about fashion! Style is a way to say who you are. It draws a statement about your appearance without any words spoken at all. Each person has their own unique way of dressing. And the best part? It’s all an opinion! You are able to buy, style, try, and change what you wear in any way possible. That being said… here are my most recent finds 😀 Let me know what you think! 

First up: a bright green square necked mini dress perfect for the end of summer! I love this color. It draws attention especially after adding the pink hat. I’m in love!! I threw in some gold jewelry to top it off and some black sandals which add to the outfit but don’t take any attention away from the main pieces!

Second: my next beach outfit for walking the pier! This striped dress is one of my favorites and has the lightest material ever which is perfect for a hot day. Of course, I had to throw a hat in there… we’re at the beach with this one! I personally like silver jewelry to accent this fit. But any style would work!! 

Third: this next one is to die forrrrrrrrr! A white one piece accented by dark denim bellbottom jeans. The rawhide leather tote completes the look in my opinion! I’d head to any rodeo, bar, or outdoor event in this fabulous fit. Sunglasses are a must (with every outfit for that matter) And once again, the jewelry is debatable on what kind! I’m going with gold on this one, but I would argue that bronze is a close second 😉

Last outfit: blue top contrasted with white bottoms undeniably fits so well together. And to add in a little splash of color… hand me that big red purse!! With the gold embellishments we’re lookin classy on the day I walk out of my house wearing this! Gold necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings goes best against the gold found on the handbag. Not to mention the shoes! I. Love. These. Shoes. It took a while to wear them in but wow. They are CUTESIE!!! I’m a huge fan!

And here we have my latest outfits! Like I have said before… to each their own when it comes to style!! Everyone is different and that’s perfectly okay 😀 With that being said, 

Treat everyday like a fashion show. The world is your runway!!!

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