Three Natural Face Scrubs for Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliating, Smoothing, and Cleaning for Glowing Skin.

After getting sun soaked at the lake, I’ve been looking for some natural exfoliants I can use on my face and body to clean up my peeling skin! I wasn’t interested in making a purchase, so I tried some natural at home remedies and they totally worked!! My face had the worst peel but after throwing some ingredients together I had at home, it’s now moisturized and fresh -and ready for another vacation 😀

refresh your skin

Let’s get started with these three pretty popular but trustworthy facial scrubs. They’re all pretty easy DIY ingredients. And the best part is they are all natural, which makes it perfectly safe to use on your skin. Because the skin of the face is sensitive however, I would recommend keeping these scrubs away from your eyes and if any agitation occurs: rinse and stop application!

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Exfoliating is great for deep cleaning pores and giving a soft glow appearance but make sure these scrubs are only done once or twice a week. Too much exfoliation isn’t good for softer skin and it may be abrasive if done too often.

Coffee Grounds

Heard of this one? I know a few people who regularly use their coffee grounds as a face exfoliant. It’s perfect for scrubbing off dead skin on the face and body as well. The grounds that come from coffee are gentle enough for facial use but rough enough to dislodge dirt and dead skin. Make sure your coffee grounds are clean and well used before applying to the face! I personally added coconut oil and olive oil to the grounds I collected ensuring a deep clean but also a moisturizing scrub as well!

Sugar and Cinnamon

Sugar and cinnamon are two other common face scrub ingredients. Both also have a rough texture but still have a fine enough grain to use on skin without being harmful. I have tried a cinnamon and lemon scrub before attempting cinnamon and sugar, it had a slightly burning feel and I wasn’t a fan of the way it worked with my skin. This time, I added honey with the sugar/cinnamon mixture! It worked super great and after rinsing, my skin felt firmer and a lot more clean!

Sea Salt

Out of the three scrubs, I found salt scrubs in general, work best for body use rather than face. The reason for this has to do with the rougher texture and less breakdown that salt itself has. Salt tends to stay a little more callous and works well to exfoliate and smooth stronger skin. For facial use, I would recommend pairing salt with aloe vera. That way, your skin is being strengthened as the salt is exfoliating. These extra vitamins found in aloe vera heal and nurture softer skin.

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