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How to Propagate a Succulent in 6 Easy Steps

I looooovvveeee succulents. I have tons of them. And the best part? I’ve only paid for maaaaybe four of them in all. Like the really cool ones. What? Why? How? Let me tell you. The power of propagation. 

Whoa. Propagating succulents is pretty much one of the best things ever because you start with a little and get a lot. Now who doesn’t like that?? I began with only a few succulents and now I have a whole garden and potting bench overflowing with them!

In need of a little clean up…

What’s So Great About Succs??

Succulent popularity has grown exponentially in the past years and there are tons of ways to grow them and decorate with. They are a very low maintenance plant and thrive in a lot of different conditions. The fact that there are so many of them and the uniqueness of each plant keeps a lot of people buying, selling, propagating, decorating, and investing in them! These babies grow so fast! Which is why they’re one of my favorite projects to work on, even though year-round they require hardly any hard work! Not only are these plants in style and easy to create, they also have a lot of health benefits. Succulents, improve the quality of air, purify rooms, add brightness and color, can be used as supplements or food, and they remove toxins! These plants are amazing!!

Basics of Propagation

In general, propagation is the process of taking a cutting, leaf, or root from an original grown plant and turning it into a whole new one from that specific shoot. This can be done with succulents, cacti, orchids, rosemary, snake plants, african violets, the list goes on and on and on. By taking this shoot from the original stalk and watering it lightly, you can eventually grow a whole new plant full grown. This process doesn’t happen over night! And adding enough soil, sunlight, and water is crucial to take good care of propagated plants so they can increase in size. Today, this post is written to show the steps needed to propagate succulents. Let’s get started so you can begin your collection!

Let’s Get Started!!

  • Break off a leaf from a grown succulent. You want to make sure you get the whole thing and the exact the part where the leaf was fully connected to the plant. View the picture below. (only breaking off half of the leaf will not work, so be careful!)
  • After you’ve broken off your leaves, place them on a damp paper towel or on a tray with a thin layer of dirt. These plants are not picky!! You can place them in a window sill, or outside if the weather is nice! Each leaf can be facing up or down. Try out both positions to see which has the higher yield. Even sprinkling a little bit of dirt over top of them is okay!
  • After laying them out, I typically sprits them with a little bit of water or mist them slightly. Only once a day…
  • Roots will start to grow in a few days or week. Once this starts to happen, keep them laying on top of the soil/transfer them from the paper towel to the dirt. I tend to push them slightly downward so those new roots can grab some nutrients from the dirt! 
  • Continue to mist once a day and eventually these cuties keep growing! An alternative to misting would be to soak the dirt once a week which has worked just as well.
  • After the roots have solidified and are a bit bigger. You can now move your succs to a cup of potting soil mixed with bark, rocks, and any other compost!
  • Eventually the original leaf will turn brown and dead. Once this happens, carefully remove but don’t disrupt the new baby plant!! Keep watering consistently but not too much!


-Sometimes succulent leaves take a while to propagate so be patient! I have also had it where only the roots grow and the actual plant and leaves take a way longer time poking out! Each one is different and will adapt differently to the conditions. 

-If your ever at the beach, or a place where succulents are growing naturally, take a leaf and bring it home! The more diversity the better!

-There’s a couple of other ways growing a succulent that can be done as well! First, by taking the flower or the seeds of a succulent and planting them. Second, by separating off a chunk of the base roots and burying them lightly in the sand. And third, by disconnecting smaller growths from the base plant! Try all three if you’d like and see what works best.

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