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Hot Matcha Vanilla Latte


-1 tsp matcha powder
-1/4 water
-3/4 milk
-1 tsp vanilla syrup or vanilla extract or a vanilla bean (your choice)


-place matcha powder in your cup or a bowl 
-add hot water to the matcha powder mix 
-using a whisk, fork, or frother, blend water and matcha powder until smooth, no clumps
-add vanilla syrup or vanilla extract 
-froth milk or heat and pour into cup with matcha mixture

Extra Tips

-if you are using a vanilla bean for this recipe, I like to cut the bean in half long ways and then scrape out the inside seeds and filling. Otherwise, chopping it however you want works too! As long as it’s opened up enough to saturate the drink. 
-In my opinion, vanilla blends very well with matcha but if you’re into trying something else other sweeteners do the trick! Lavender extract, sugar, maple syrup, and other sweet add ins can very easily replace vanilla! 
-Let’s talk about blending. Matcha is a lot of fun and great to make because of all the different styles. You can be as simplistic or exotic as you want when it comes to making drinks. Using a fork to blend, using a bamboo whisk, using a frother, or just plain stirring. These are all different ways to blend! Try them all out and see what you like! Not only are there a lot of options when it comes to the powder, but how you prepare your choice of milk can also be done in different ways! The fastest easiest way is to pop it in the microwave, otherwise boiling on a stovetop works too! Using a handheld frother after milk is hot can make it the perfect consistency. I will typically throw my cup of milk into an electric heating and frothing cup so it gets both done in one! Whatever works for you works for me!

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