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My Comfort Drink: Hot Coffee Milk

AKA: Heet Melk or Warme Koffie Melk (dutch)

Quiet Drink on the Ocean <3

Today I am sharing my all time, go to, most favorite, simple, daily, comforting drink on the face of this earth. Another name to describe it would be GEZELLIG. If you have no idea what words are coming across the page… welcome to my Dutch background peeking through. This drink, by the Dutch title means hot milk, or warm coffee milk. It’s an instant coffee and honey mix added to heated milk to create a sweet and soothing taste. My go-to before bed!

A little background! I grew up drinking the “kid version” of this drink which basically consisted of warm milk with honey. It was the BEST in the morning right after I woke up my mom would set me on the couch all cozied up in some fuzzy blankets and she’d hand me my cup of warm milk. This was an every morning tradition for a while. When I got older I “graduated” from warm milk and transferred over to hot milk! The only upgrade is instant coffee! It’s honestly one of the easiest drinks to make and in my opinion, it’s amazing.


Side Note-there are no measurements for this recipe because it’s completely up to your taste and preference! 


-first pour your desired amount of milk into a mug
-pop that baby in the microwave, or warm on the stove
-heat until desired temp (I boil mine)
-add a spoonful of instant coffee
-add a spoonful of honey
-stir and enjoy!

You can easily spice this up whichever way you want to! Add a topping, add whipped cream, add coco powder, or hot chocolate mix! A dash of cinnamon? Totally go for it! All up to you!

Tell me what you think or if/how you like it!! 

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