Cobb Salad: With the BEST List of Toppings

Leftovers! But salad style….

I love salads! They’re easy, fun, and nutritious with endless options when it comes to toppings and dressings. A Cobb Salad is essentially lettuce and greens placed in a bowl with different kinds of toppings chopped and placed in neat rows covering the salad. The ingredients placed on top typically include chicken, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, avocado, corn, beans, cheese, and a vinaigrette. This is the most common styled Cobb Salad but it doesn’t have to be made strictly in this way! The reason salad makes an amazing meal has to do with the creativity and customization of what you and your taste buds love! 


The history to cobb salad is pretty simple but interesting! Named after restaurant owner Robert Cobb of the Brown Derby in Hollywood, this salad was a late-night shenanigan that obviously grew in popularity! After a long day at work, this Chef threw together a salad with whatever he found in the fridge of the restaurant’s kitchen. It was a late night, and being very tired he tossed on some French dressing and voila, the Cobb Salad was created. 

Thinking Outside the Box:

Since 1937, the Cobb Salad has been made traditionally with only a few variations in certain restaurants. Typically, it can be ordered with or without certain ingredients as well as with any kind of dressing the house provides. But, at home, I don’t always want an original Cobb Salad, I like to spice it up a bit! Which is why I have created an entire list of add-ins for ANY salad! 

My personal preference for making a Cobb Salad generally has to do with what I need to get rid of in my fridge or pantry. I almost always have salad so that’s the easiest part! After adding what I want to a clear glass bowl (It’s fun to see the full masterpiece). I go through my cupboards, pantry, and fridge to see what I can find! Below is a list of all the different items that can easily be added to your salad. Check it out and see what you have! Don’t hesitate to try new ingredients or come up with some of your own. 🙂

Salad Add Ins:


-peppers/bell peppers


-cheeses (any kind)
-hard boiled eggs
-sunflower seeds
-beans (any kind)

-steak tips

Obviously, there are many many many more options available to put on a salad! This list just covers a select few! Aside from the endless options of toppings for salads … there’s even more you can do with dressings!!! Get Busy 😉

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