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3 Ingredient Refreshing Wine Slushy

Easy Wine Slushy Summer Drink

Hey ya’ll! Where my wine connoisseurs at??? This is a super fun recipe and almost completely personalized which I love! This wine slushy is SO perfect for a summer afternoon or night or hey even mid-morning! Honestly it jives anytime of the day! (For me at least 😉

How To

-Wine, Sangria, Moscato (your choice)

-Blend ice and wine together
-Add something! Anything! Give it an extra fling!

The easiest drink to customize!
The easiest drink to customize!

These are the best drinks to customize ever. For any party, holidays, girls’ night, themes, and on your own… If you’re looking for an easy add to a summer drink menu (I’ve even seen these at weddings) there are so many ways to spice these drinks up. Here are a few ideas -cuz everyone loves options!

Extra Decor Ideas

-blend in fruit of choice 
-color it up with dye (can even ombre)
-salt the rim
-sugar the rim
-add an umbrella
-place a slice of fruit on the rim
-stir in fruit chunks
-cute straws!

Why Choose A Wine Slushy??

When summer rolls around there are endless amounts of drink options available and most of them taste absolutely amazing. I’m a huge fan of making a cold beverages and stepping outside to enjoy the sun for a bit after a long day of work, especially on Saturdays. Set me up with a good book or magazine and wow, I’ll never come back inside. This past summer, I went through a wine slushy faze… I’m pretty sure it became a routine once I ran out of Titos for my afternoon cranberry drink (which also hits the spot). Since we only had wine in the house, I threw a cup of it in the blender with some ice. I had remembered having this drink during a wedding and thought I would try it myself. It. Was. Phenomenal. I added a garnish and was out the door! Quick, easy, delicious, and refreshing I had found myself a new drink! It became quite the favorite and got a popular name when I added it to a Ladies Brunch menu later that month!

That being said, go out there and try it! Make it classy or make it cute and make sure you tell your friends, they’ll love you for it I’m sure! If I’m going for looks, the easiest thing in my opinion is to add a piece of fruit to the side or a garnish leaf. Read above for more options on decor!

This drink calls for creativity! Make it your own! Drink four of them yourself and then see what you come up with 😉 let me know how it goes or any other good ideas you have!

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