10 Easter Ideas for Tons of Fun

It’s April and Easter is right around the corner!! The weather is beautiful… at least out here in the West 😉 It’s time to celebrate Easter and the beginning of warmer months. Many people have traditions for Easter Day but others are always looking for something new. If your in need of some cute ideas to make the day exciting and special this is the post for you! Keep Reading!

Dye Hard-boiled Eggs

This one’s pretty cliché but really fun!! It’s a great project for the whole family too! Boil the desired number of eggs and let them cool. Make sure they are hard all the way through!! Pick up dye from pretty much anywhere: Target, Walmart, order from Amazon etc. or use food coloring too. Dip paint and color the hard-boiled eggs any design you like 🙂 Let them dry and use them in an egg hunt, as snacks, or decorations!

Easter Party Favors

Putting together little party favors with an Easter theme is a really fun project to do for everyone! Use Easter candies and small decorations. Some examples that work well include chocolate eggs or chocolate rabbits, paper grass, easter eggs, pastel-colored ribbons, other candy, jelly-beans, and small toys like stickers of spin tops. Place all components in a basket or bag so they’re easy to grab! 

Easter Crafts for the Kiddos

Setting up easy crafts that are Easter themed makes for a fun day with kids. Even creating décor out of crafts is a good idea! Pinterest is a good tool to find easy crafts with ingredients in your own home! Look up how to make bunnies out of paper plates, or painting rocks into Easter eggs, even bunny masks, candy cups, and baby chicks out of hand-prints are easy at-home ideas! 

Sock Bunny Weights

If you happen to be throwing a party at home and you’ve got some tables out with festive tablecloths, add some Easter bunny weights to keep them from blowing! Fill up a sock with rice or pebbles and tie it off at the top and middle. Paint on a face and there’s a cute Easter bunny weight that’s perfect for the day ahead. 

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

This one is pretty self-explanatory but one of the best events ever!! It’s a pretty traditional theme for Easter day and a lot of people participate in Easter egg hunts! In my opinion this is a must. Watching the kids race across the lawn to find as many eggs as possible is such a highlight. There are multiple ways to set up a scavenger hunt so get creative and research ideas!

Easter Center Pieces

Doesn’t just have to be center pieces! This can include décor as well. Grabbing some wildflowers or bright colored arrangements sets a cheery mood for this spring celebration. While flowers are an easy go-to, there are many other options. Candy bowls, peeps, chocolate bunnies in a vase, egg arrangements, candy filled glass bowls, tulips, and more! 

Family Easter Picture

Okay sooo…. this one might not be as fun. But the whole family is usually looking pretty nice and everyone’s together so why not take advantage of a family friendly photo shoot! Just get everyone together, huddle together and snap a picture. Even if it’s a low-quality picture, it’s a high-quality day and memories are made. 

Swimming, Flying Kites, BBQ

Easter day can be packed with full activities, here are a few of my favorites!
-Any Sport: volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, spike ball … separate into teams and set up in the back yard!
-Waterslides, sprinklers, pools, or slip n slides
-BBQ and drinks
-Flying kits, organized games, craft tables
-Corn hole tourney
-Minute to win it competitions!
-Bake Easter treats or decorate cookies
-Plant Flowers
-Go to your Easter church service
-Have a picnic
-Costume Easter party

Themed Snacks and Food

Lots and lots of room for creativity and different styles when it comes to food prep for Easter! Below are some of my all-time favorites!

-mini wraps

-deviled eggs

-decorated cupcakes


-carrot cake

Watch an Easter Movie

Get into the spirit for an exciting day ahead or maybe rewind with an Easter movie. There are a lot of them out there! Some have to do with the real story of Easter and its true meaning. Others are fun and light hearted. The ranges are complete from young to old and many are serious while others aren’t! Pick one that matches your mood! A couple serious ones are “The Passion” and “Risen” and “Son of God.” On the other end of the spectrum a few more lighthearted and comical ones are “Hop” and “Peter Rabbit” and “Easter Land” and “Hodge.”

And there you have it! My top ten ideas for a great Easter celebration. The perfect recipe for a fun filled day full of laughs, family, and celebrations! Best of luck in prepping and I hope this month brings the sun and excitement for spring!!

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